Thursday, March 7, 2024

Ski Season Recap

This was our second year as ski racer parents and we felt much more in tune with the sport and what is required. E moved into U14 SOD (meaning Southern Ontario Division), as we did not opt for OCUP (the more competitive division).  And Q started on the U08 team.  He will go onto U10 next year. The winter was very mild but fortunately our host hill, Mount St. Louis-Moonstone has invested in their snow making equipment and it opened on December 1 and we had an uninterrupted snow base all season. 


The U08s are in the development stage and do not have any official races.  They have some great coaches that really spend time on training, it's not just baby-sitting on the hill, as is the case for some kids' ski programs. Our team manager did a fabulous job of making sure the parents got connected early in the season and that really helped us recognize each other on the hill and chat and share information.  Q has been skiing for a few years now so he had no issues getting comfortable and is working on pole planting and getting into the race position. 

Despite having no official races, he did get to race three times and did well! He's got a good foundation to hang in with the fast kids as he gets older.  Here are his results: 

Fun Race 30.62 6 out of 10

Skidaddle Run 1 34.67, Run 2 32.80  9 out of 14

Club Championship 45.88 7 out of 13

Bowling social event with the U08 team.

Team Potluck in the club room.


The U14 team this year was a great group of kids and E fell in with some of his teammates from last year and the older kids right away.  We got to know most of the parents and that just makes race days so much more enjoyable. E is certainly capable of putting together a good run, but his results didn't necessarily show it.  His first race was pretty great.  The second race had terrible conditions, so he spun out on one of the gates on his second run. He said he had The Heights racecourse figured out, but on the second run, so it was too late by then.  However he has the best time being part of this team and that's the most important thing.

Here are his results: 

Muskoka Ski Club Slalom, Run 1 36.99, Run 2 38.33, 16 out of 44

Glen Eden Slalom, Run 1 43.75, Run 2 DNF

The Heights GS, Run 1 36.29, Run 2 35.33, 45 out of 50

The Heights GS, Run 1 31.54, Run 2 31.71, 23 out of 41

Club Championship 40.38 16 out of 21

We had a great season too. We have been lucky that in all our years of skiing we have had a good group of friends to ski and have lunch with.  Maybe we will even hang out in the summer this year!!

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  1. I love how much skiing defines your life in winter. We absolutely need something like that to get us out of the house!