Monday, September 15, 2014

Day in the Life

Last Thursday, I chronicled my day through pictures.  Just a normal day, but filled with real life moments.  It was also September 11, and throughout the day I thought about the September 11 in 2001 and where I was and what I was thinking about that day.

Sometime during the night, Dave went to E's room to sleep with him, and then early in the morning E came back to our bed, so I woke up next to this.
Dave has been using this chair to shower with since he hurt his foot.  It therefore makes an appearance in my showers too, hopefully not for much longer.
Shower yes, but didn't wash my hair.  Still requires a flat iron though.
Went downstairs before Dave or E were awake to make coffee and E's breakfast.
It was a cool, damp, windy day.  Very fall like. See our sold sign still on our yard.
E came down for his breakfast, and insisted I not peel his banana. By the way he is wearing a fire hose as a necklace.
Making my lunch.  I remember thinking when I graduated high school that I'd never have to make my lunch again, then I moved off campus at university, then I went to law school, and now I work in an office. It never ends.
This was the sky when I was driving E to school.  It was so beautiful I actually pulled the car over to take this picture.
E in his classroom at school.  That is another bump on his forehead.
On my way to work I listened to the Jay and Dan Podcast.  TSN fans will remember Jay and Dan as anchors of Sportscentre.  They are now in LA working for Fox Sports 1 and the still do their weekly podcast.  It is a staple of my week.
A picture of my office. My desk is not usually this messy.
For those of you dying to know what a corporate/commercial lawyer does everyday, I decided to write down what I did and list it here:
Revised a reporting letter for a sale of a business we did last month
Send emails to clients about regulatory matters
Send follow up emails to an accountant
 Prepare some resolutions and other minute book documents
Revise organizational minutes for a professional corporation
Send original signature pages for a closing to counsel for the purchaser
Review some drawings of a condo to determine who is responsible for mold remediation
Fascinating stuff, right?!
At lunch I handed out some notes to my co-workers about my Arbonne special offer. Check here for more details.
I had to go out and buy some moving boxes and then I stopped at Starbucks for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.
On the way home after work, I listened to Q. Keira Knightley was the guest, and her interview was adorable. She sounds like she is a genuinely nice person, so cute.
While I was making supper, I decided it was time for a glass of wine.
I made Mix and Match Mama's Crunchy Tex Mex Chicken, and some Mexican rice (rice with beans, corn, and spices).
After supper we went for a walk to the park. Here is Dave with his air cast and no crutches!

E at the playground
After we lured E home with promises of candy, we got him ready for bed and then did a puzzle.

A great end to a simple day.
After E went to sleep, Dave and I watched Boardwalk Empire (first episode of this final season), and then my phone died, so you missed a photo of my nighttime snack of stale vegetable thins.
Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my daily routine.  

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