Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Recap - Library, Park, Church, Street Fair, and Football!!!

Week 1 of the NFL season started this weekend.  My team, the Green Bay Packers, played on Thursday night.  They were not successful against the Seahawks, but Seattle is the defending Super Bowl champion, so I'll give Green Bay a break this week.  Usually we like to buy Pro-Line lottery tickets to bet on the games.  We didn't do it this week but it is a fun hobby during the season.  It makes watching the games more interesting.  Although, a little tip, don't bother picking Dallas for anything, they will always disappoint you - you don't think they can win, and they win and cover.  Then you pick them to win and they lose miserably.   Dallas! (said in the Seinfeld voice of  "Newman" *fist raised*)

On Saturday we had a nice lazy morning sleeping in (to 7:50!), watching some shows, making breakfast and getting groceries.  Then E and I walked to the library and the playground.

Picking out some books.

Climbing the rock wall all by himself.

Doing what we discourage, going up the slide.
On Sunday, E and I went back to church after not being there all summer.  We have a very nice church with wonderful music and children's program. Today there was no one in the nursery so I left E with the big kids and he did very well. 
Then we went up to another street fair (see, another example of searching out events I would have avoided in the past).  We had a great afternoon in the warm weather learning about our soon to be new neighbourhood.  They had midway rides, yummy food, and lots of businesses out participating in the day.
We rode the teacups

And the Super Slide
We also got to visit with some old friends from Halifax that were in town for the weekend.  We BBQed some burgers, made some homemade french fries and enjoyed a few beers.  

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