Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekend Recap - Picnics!

I had a long week at work last week so I was happy when Dave suggested we go to Queen Margherita Pizza for supper on Friday night.  We were lucky not to have to wait for a table and sat right down. We take E out to restaurants a lot and have done since he was a baby.  It has paid off, although he isn't always the best behaved, he is relatively quiet and still. The nice thing about Queen Margherita is that it is filled with families, it's loud, and the food is simple and tasty. 

First E and Dave worked on the word search. 

Then we ordered some calamari.  I actually didn't love it, but E thought it was great and helped himself.

We enjoyed our pizzas and packed up our leftovers for lunch the next day.  Then since we were in our new neighbourhood we went to what will be our new playground to see what it was like.  It has some fancy new equipment, a sand pit, and a big field to run around in. 

On Saturday we had a very full day.  A friend of E's invited him to go to Sportplay with him, it was a bring a friend day.  We had enough time to go there and then to E's Sportball, so we said sure!  We dropped the kids off and enjoyed some good coffee and a visit with E's friend's mom.  We were on Roncesvalles Ave. and it was lovely being there as the neighbourhood was getting ready for the day.  While E was at Sportball I drove Dave to get his haircut and then back to get E.  Then we went back to pick up E and had some Chippy's Fish and Chips takeout in the park.  There was a lot of traffic in Toronto this weekend because of the Gardiner being closed, but we survived.

Yummy fish and chips after a morning of activity.
Then we headed out to Oakville for a birthday party.  The kids had a great time playing in the backyard and eating the goodies.
Helping the birthday girl with her gifts.

Enjoying all the toys. He asked specifically for the hat while riding the horse.

Shocking, someone was tired!  E fell asleep about 10 minutes from home so we stayed in the car when we got home and I had a little rest too. Dave didn't miss us, as he was watching the Ryder Cup (go Europe!).
On Sunday we had two picnics.  After church E and I got McDonalds and ate it in the park.
Bad picture of E but he was chowing down on his nuggets.

Amidst swatting at the hoard of wasps trying to get our food, I managed to snap a picture of us.
Late afternoon we went to the park by our new house and ordered Mad Mexican.  I walked over to get it and we enjoyed another picnic.


Enjoying a taco.

A lovely evening to end a busy but happy weekend.

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