Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Want it Wednesdsay - Blazers and pants

Happy October!  I can't believe it is already October - this will be the month in which we move, and celebrate E's third birthday.  

I was going to link up with Shay and Sheaffer for October Pin-spired.   

This is a series they do the first of every month where they find a picture of an outfit on Pinterest and then recreate it using items in their closet.  It looks really fun and I was excited to try it out. Unfortunately when looking through Pinterest and trying to find something to "pinspire" me, I realized I don't have enough clothes, and even if I did think I had enough clothes, most of them, especially my winter things, are in storage until we move.  Therefore it's not going to work out this month.  I do encourage you to visit their blogs and see what other people are doing, it is always fun to see some new ideas.

So on that note, I am sticking with Want it Wednesdays this week to pick out some items that will freshen up my wardrobe.  Last time I did clothes they were fairly casual, so I'm focusing on work items this week.

I don't like wearing a suit everyday to work, I believe you can still look professional and not be wearing a suit.  I do like a good blazer though - they will go over dresses or with patterned skirts for a tailored, but stylish look.

This Navy Blazer from the Gap is perfect for work and for the weekend.  I recently pinned a few pictures with navy blazers.

This Light Blue Wool Blazer might be too casual for work, but with the right outfit it could work.

This darling Houndstooth Jacket from J. Crew would be great with simple black pants or a skirt.  And would work well with jeans. 

I tried on these pink pants at Old Navy this week.  They didn't have my size so I'm considering ordering them online. They are only $25! 

They also come in this houndstooth.

And these bright blue ones.

It is always hard to make the transition into fall, especially since it is still 20 plus degrees here during the day.  But some cute pants and a light blazer should do the trick.

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