Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Want it Wednesdays - Fitness Routine

Now that we have moved, and Dave can drive again (after a summer of being in a cast), I feel like my life can return to normal (whatever that is).  I belonged to a gym for a long time, and then when I was on maternity leave I had a personal trainer, which was all great.  Then I quit the gym (by the way, this is how I felt when I quit the gym:

And then I started doing boot camps (at 6:00 am, three times a week, yes I was a champ).  For various health reasons I haven't done that in almost a year.

Now that my "routine" has returned, I need to plan and stick to some sort of exercise routine, and I need to make this a priority. I have pinned a few different workouts on Pinterest and have done some with varying success.

I would like to start with doing cardio (running or using the bike trainer) twice a week, and then do one of these workouts twice a week. I will report back in a month and let you know how I'm doing.  The purpose of this post is to hold myself accountable.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I don't even know what some of those exercises are! - Cindy