Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Recap - Run for the Cure

This weekend E and I participated in the Run for the Cure with a team from my office.  I ran the 5K and E rode in the running stroller.  He got out a few times to run on his own.  It was his first real "race" and enjoyed it very much.
E is all set in the stroller


Getting out to run

The Start/Finish Line.  It was chilly but a beautiful morning to be outside.

The race

E running. (not sure if this video will work)

A few years ago, I saw the movie Pink Ribbons Inc.  It is a documentary about the pink ribbon as it is used to symbolize the fight against breast cancer.  It talks about how so many companies use the pink ribbon in their marketing and sales, and it throws a light on how this can be kind of hypocritical. The NFL, for example, brings out the pink shoes, pink towels, and pink gloves every October and the comment is that isn't it ironic that the NFL is very publically advocating for a cure for a (predominantly) woman's cancer but looks the other way when it comes to domestic violence.  Also, they talk about Revlon, a big sponsor of Run for the Cure and other breast cancer events, but they make products with carcinogens.  The documentary also look at some fundraising campaigns that are really put on to sell products, everything in pink of course, but how little money actually goes to breast cancer research.  The documentary talks to women who have breast cancer and women who have gone into remission, and their thoughts about the pink ribbon, pink teddy bears, pink Kleenex boxes, etc.  There was even a pink hunting rifle.

The Run for the Cure is a great event, and I was happy to participate in it, but it is worthwhile watching the movie so you can get a different perspective on the business that surrounds the pink ribbon.  Then you can appreciate that you need to do more than just run or walk in a race once a year if you want to make a difference.

This weekend we got some stuff for our new house.  We ordered a table from Exotic Woods , it will be made from reclaimed barn board, built by Mennonites, and then finished by the folks at Exotic Woods.  We are going to have metal legs made.  We also bought some chairs for the table and stools for the island.  Aside from a mattress for E's new bed, we don't have any other urgent purchases for now.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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