Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Want it Wednesday - Boy Clothes

Now that we are moving into a new season, E will need a few new clothes.  His pants from last year are a little too short, and many of his long sleeved shirts are more like 3/4 length sleeves, not the style he's going for.  We will also need a new pair of sneakers and winter boots.  I am hoping his winter coat will still fit him, this will be the 3rd (!) winter that we got out of this coat, which is crazy, but the first year the coat was obviously way too big.  It was from the Gap so it is good quality.  We may need some new snow pants, but we'll see.

First of all, I love these Toms.  We tried to buy them at the store last weekend but they didn't have E's size. I'll just order them from the website.
How cute is this Denim Shirt ?
This Striped Knit Hoodie would be great for those extra cold days.  E doesn't usually wear a sweater at school since they keep it pretty warm, but it is definitely cute.
 I kind of want this Gap T-shirt for myself.
I'm not sure who wouldn't want this Bear T-shirt!
We probably wouldn't get a lot of use out of this sweater, but it would be so cute.
As for pants, we'll just get a few more pairs of jeans (Old Navy has a great selection of styles), sweatpants, and maybe another pair of cords.  I'm not going to post pictures of the pants because they are a little boring.
I always thought little boy clothes weren't as cute as little girl clothes, but I was wrong - they are just as cute in their own way.

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