Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Want it Wednesday - Cats

This is random, but the other day I walked by an animal hospital and they had some pictures of cats for adoption.  I had two cats growing up - G.G. and Ashley; they were both grey and white.  Ashley still lives at home.  G.G. was the sweetest cat, she used to sleep under the covers with me and loved being picked up and carried around.  Ashley was nice too, more independent and not as sweet. 

I do want to get a cat someday, but not right now.  That doesn't stop me from looking at the humane society's website to see what animals are up for adoption. 

These are from the Etobicoke Humane Society:


Skittles  (I think this name alone could convince Dave to get this cat)

And these are from the Toronto Humane Society


And although I'm not a dog person, I did think this dog was cute.  Plus I love when dogs have names that aren't "dog" names. This is Matt.

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