Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Birthday Party

On Saturday we had E's 3rd birthday party.  Maybe we were a little crazy to have a party at our house just days after moving in, but we got a lot of things organized and it was a pretty successful party. 

Somewhat of a car themed party

Felt banner from Target.

I ordered these custom cookies from Sweet Flour Bake Shop for the treat bags.  They turned out really well. 

This is the cake that I made.  I think it was the favourite from my post last week.  I used Mix and Match Mama's Celebration White bundt cake recipe.  I got the black icing at Michael's and just used Betty Crocker French vanilla icing dyed green.  It was a perfect cake and easy to make. 

Hey, a family photo with the cake!

The kids loved the icing, although the black led to some interesting smiles.
 Everyone enjoyed the new gift of the race car track.
We also made cars out of cardboard boxes and used paint, glue and other items to decorate them.  It was hard to take good pictures during this activity and I don't like posting pictures of the faces of other people's kids without their permission, so I don't have any I can share.  The kids liked getting into the paint, and although the cars don't exactly look like the inspirations on Pinterest, they were all works of art. 
I kept the food simple with homemade guacamole and chips, mango and strawberries, candy, and some delivery pizza. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the party.  As the first party in our new home, it helped warm it up a little more.


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