Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Easy E!

Today is E's 3rd birthday.  Three years ago, Dave and I were on our way to the hospital for a scheduled C-section.  Sitting at the hospital, deciding on E's name, we had no sweet clue what we were in for. 

Over the past three years, E has grown into a very fun, thoughtful and smart little boy, although he'll be quick to remind you he is a "big boy!".  He talks so much and I love having little conversations with him about things.  He has endless questions about what is going on around him, never tiring of asking "why".  But when I turn it back around on him and ask "why do you think?", he usually has the right answer, so I know he is listening to us.

He loves to play with us and has such an imagination.  I've really noticed over the past couple of weeks when many of his toys have been packed up that he can play for a long time with only a few things - couch cushions, little boxes, sticks, a few blocks, or just plastic containers and oranges. 

E is also very kind.  When other kids are crying around him, at daycare or at the playground, he tries to help them out by giving them the toy they want, or by just being quiet around them.  He has three little stuffed animals that he sleeps with, Cuddly Pal, and Goat and Bear.  He has decided that Goat is for me to sleep with, and Bear is for Dave, when each of us put him to bed at night. He always makes sure we have our respective animal to snuggle with as he drifts off to sleep.

He loves to spread out a blanket on the floor of his room and dance on it.  He loves to help us do anything in the kitchen. He likes the regular kid shows on TV (Chuck the Truck, Bob the Builder, Thomas, etc.) but he also likes real shows like The Little Couple, This Old House, and Love it or List it.  He loves being read to before bed, and likes songs sung to him before bed - I have been singing Away in a Manger year round, along with My Favourite Things.

He is well behaved when we take him out to eat at restaurants, and likes to order his own meal, even if it only comes out in a whisper when the server comes over. He eats well, and people are always impressed by his appetite.  He also enjoys many different foods and will usually like what we're having.  He's even getting into salad.

He loves going to school and playing with his friends.  He is very independent and although he can be shy, is also able to go off to school, Sunday school, or stay with a babysitter with no problem. 

He is such a sweet boy and we have been so blessed to have him in our lives for the past three years.  It has been a short time, but I don't even remember life without him.

E's first birthday
Camping at Sandbanks

E's second birthday

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