Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favourites

I am linking up again with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites!

1.  We went to Barque Restaurant on Wednesday this week.  Dave's cousin's wife was in town from New Brunswick for training so we got to meet up with her for dinner.  It was nice to catch up especially since we me missed our trip down East this summer.  The food was so tasty. I enjoyed the ribs, root vetegable slaw, and mac and cheese.

Painting his ribs with the BBQ sauce

2. Today Dave and I are going to pick out some wood at Exotic Woods to use for our new dining room table.  We want a harvest table, that is somewhat rustic, but not too rustic.  We saw some in stores that we kind of liked, but this way we get to design our own and it will be truly unique.
3. Darker nights at the park.  The sun is setting earlier but we still want to head to the park after supper.  It is kind of nice that it is darker, it seems quieter even with a field full of kids.  The other night there was even a bat swooping around catching some flies to eat.
4. As I mentioned in a previous post, I enjoy listening to podcasts while I drive back and forth to work.  I have been especially fond of the Q podcast this week.  The great thing about this show is that it introduces me to ideas, people, musicians, and world events that I would never have known about.  This week Jian spoke to Julian Assange and Lena Dunham.  Both completely different interviews, both very fascinating figures.  If you have a long commute in the car or on the train, I would recommend downloading this program.

5. With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to host an Arbonne party. You could get most of your Christmas shopping done in one night!  I think a party is a great way to introduce the products to your friends and also create a reason to get together.  The host receives a free gift and credits for Arbonne products depending on what their guests purchase.  Ask me for more details.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. It's great to meet another Canadian blogger. Love that rustic wood... that table is going to be fabulous!