Monday, October 6, 2014

Link up - What's on your Feet

I am linking up with Andrea today for her series of "What's On..." and this week it is your feet.  (Updated- see below)

I must confess I have nothing too exciting to share as I have not been shoe shopping in awhile.  I am not a type to have several pairs of one kind of shoe - I therefore have one pair of black heels, one pair of nude heels, one pair of black flats, and one pair of rubber boots, etc.  I usually just wear the shoes until they wear our and then get a new pair.  I try to find different ones that will go with different outfits.

My two favourite pairs of shoes are ones that I don't get to wear a lot, but they are super fun.
Nine West orange sandals

Aldo polka dot pumps.  I have had these shoes since I was in law school. I have only worn them a few times because they are super high but I love them.

The ones I wear the most are my Toms flats.  I need to get a new pair.

I want to replace them with this pair.

I also love my Hunter boots.  I always thought they were nice but couldn't justify the price.  I don't walk to work and I usually go from garage to underground parking on days when it is raining.  But as we have started to go out more on weekends with E, I realized I was going outside even when it was raining and slushy so I needed a pair of rubber boots and I went for the Hunters.  They are great.  I got the ones that fit my wider calves and I have not been disappointed. 

When I put them on I was ready to go riding at Balmoral with the Queen.
My last picture is a pair of the Birkenstock sandals I got this summer.  They are almost mandatory if you are a mom in the Greater Toronto Area.  The mint green has been a good choice, the colour goes with practically everything.

Join me next month for What's On...your bucket list!
Andrea did not post on her What's On series today, instead she posted about something much more important, about her friend who just found out her cancer has returned for a third time.  I don't know these women personally but I am continually inspired by their faith and their friendship.  Their belief in God and their support for one another are amazing.  Check out these posts to see for yourself, and to learn about #MandaStrong:


  1. I love the orange Nine West sandals! My cork wedges are really comfortable in the summer. Did your foot form into the cork on these sandals?

    1. Quite honestly I've only been able to wear them a few times so they haven't fit into my feet yet.

  2. The back of those Hunter boots are awesome!