Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Recap - Sportball

When I came downstairs on Saturday morning, I found my boys making pancakes.  (I'll try to ignore the fact that E was on the counter.)

E started Sportball on Saturday.  For those of you who don't know about Sportball, it is sports instruction program for kids.  We enrolled E in the 3-5 year old program.  Each week they do a different sport and this week it was golf, one of E's favourites!  I had thought we were doing a parent and child session so I showed up in my yoga pants and sneakers.

I wondered why everyone else was wearing jeans and flip flops, I dismissed them as being unprepared.  We started off with everyone in the gym kicking the balls around. 

Then I found out it was a drop off program, no parents, just kids.  E was not fazed at being left alone to play with new kids, so I went for a walk.   When I came back, E was having a great time.

That afternoon E and went for a walk to the park. 
Enjoying a snack.

On the bridge.

Dave was packing some boxes and found this little toolbox to build with E.

On Friday and Saturday night we watched Wolf of Wall Street (you know you're getting old when you need to watch a movie over two nights).  I have always been a Leonardo Dicaprio fan (LEO!), but I don't think I am too far off base when I say he deserved an Oscar for this performance. So many great scenes.

On Sunday afternoon, E and I cooked up some food for the week:
Sausage and Broccoli Soup and Taco Chili (with my own modifications)

Cheesy garlic Zucchini Bread and Carrot Pineapple Muffins

Then we went to the park. 
Our shadows

Great view of Toronto.
Busy weekend, got a lot done, enjoyed ourselves, and got back into a routine of sorts.

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