Monday, December 11, 2017

Little Things - Part 12

Celebrating the little things that are really the big things when you think about it.

Facebook Memories - I love coming across those little moments from years' past.  This is E dressed up in his Hudson Bay sweater to visit Santa when he was 1.  Q wore the same sweater this year

A day off - I needed to get a few things done on Friday so I took the day off.  I am fortunate that there are times when I am able to take a day off of work

A bite of bagel from your brother - E was eating his breakfast on the couch and gave Q a piece of his bagel to munch on.

Real Christmas tree - We always get a real tree.  I love the scent that it gives off.

Bird Feeder - I bought a little bird feeder at Bulk Barn the other day and we put it up this weekend.  Hopefully some little birds will make their way over (and that the squirrels and racoons can't access it).

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  1. With all the big stuff going on in the world, it is so nice to focus on the little things!