Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

Everyone's favourite link up is today - Christmas Decorations!! Linking up with Andrea for some festive fun.

Welcome to our home, come on in!

This year I went with white and metallic on the mantle.  I like to mix it up so the pictures don't look the same every year.

New moose tray from the Santa in the Village market

Reading nook in the corner with a little bird friend.

Our new ornament from Plant World this year, a little squirrel.

Simple piano.  The nativity figures are all gathered around the Baby Jesus already, set up by E.

I got this felt garland last year at E's school holiday fair and added the bells garland this year.

My favourite silver tree

In the other corner of the living room

After we finished decorating I found the red and black lanterns so I put them in the windowsills where the candlelight can be seen from the street.  A few of our other decorations are the same last year - animal garland up the stairs, stars hanging from the dining room chandelier, and snowflakes hanging in the kitchen window. 

Now, to browse through the other posts in this link up, I love seeing what everyone does for decorations!

You can see my decorations from past years here:
2014 and here


  1. How fun! Awesome to find all these little treasures in our adventures!

  2. That felt garland & silver tree are SO CUTE! Love your home :)