Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - Christmas Decorations

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

I love these posts, I love documenting our own Christmas decorations but I also love looking through the rest of the link up to see what others have done.  Everyone has so many neat ideas and unique styles. 

I didn't want the pictures to be the exact same as last year so I tried changing it up a bit and moved some things around.  To the untrained eye, I'm sure it looks very similar to last year, but I am pleased with the changes. 

(I took photos on three different days and Dave also took some photos, so the lighting is not consistent, and everyone says "who cares?".)

I'll start with this little guy, a sweet little angel decoration.  

Mantle with mostly red and gold

Our nativity has moved over here and is lit by a red lamp

New gold tree from Plant World

I love our new pillows

The piece de resistance, our tree :)

Oh hey!

All metallic colours on the piano.

Lights across the back window is another new addition.  We finally got new lights for our tree so we had this extra strand of the old lights to use elsewhere.

Love this pom pom wreath

It's on the door into the basement.  See our box of Christmas cards on the counter, ready to be addressed and sent out!  If you don't normally get a Christmas card from us, but want one (and know me personally), send me your address on Facebook Messenger :)

These little guys welcome our guests and the mailman

My attempt at building greenery urns.

I moved this garland of woodland creatures to the staircase.  That means I have nothing in the doorway between the living room and dining room so I'll look for another garland for that.  Something bright and cheery that would match our silver tinsel tree. 

The advent calendar.

E's tree in this room that he more or less decorated himself.  He picked out some ornaments he wanted to put on it, with some coaxing from us, and then I hung most of them under his direction. 

See 2014's decorations here and here.
And 2015's here.


  1. You did a nice job on the outdoor urns. All the decorations look wonderful! Especially your new addition to the family! So sweet!

  2. Such happy, festive decor!! Love the pbk stockings!!

  3. Those windows in your living room are amazing! Your decor looks so good!