Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Goals

This series has been fairly successful and has pushed me to achieve a few things that I may not have but for the accountability of this post.  I have tried to select goals that cover our home, family time, and, fitness. 

November's goals were:

1. Get our flu shots.  Done and done.  We went to a pharmacy this year rather than our doctor's office and it worked out quite well.  No excuses for not getting your flu shot, they are free and available everywhere! 
And you can bribe your child if you need to (although since he got the nasal spray instead of the shot like I had, I think I deserved the treat, not him!)

2. Start planning our annual Christmas party.  Plans are pretty much the same as last year, and they are saved in a Google Doc.  The glassware we rent has been reserved, invitations have been sent out, and the decorating has begun. 

3. Have some of E's friends over for playdates.  This did not happen.  We had two birthday parties on the first weekend, then we were in Halifax, then our house was in disarray with the window installation, and this last weekend was also packed with events.  This will definitely be a priority for January!

4. Organize our winter clothes.  I got our winter boots, coats, hats, mitts and scarves down from the storage above the closet.  E does not need a new snowsuit or boots yet so that's good.  I also cleaned out his drawers and got rid of clothes that he'd grown out of, and I brought up my sweaters from the basement and put them away.

5.  Start writing in Q's baby book.  This will be an ongoing process for his first year but I've completed a few pages so far - things like his name, birthday, weight, family tree, and some firsts, like first smile.

Goals for December:

1. Try out a fitness class at our local gym.
2. Wrap all of our gifts before December 20. 
3. Try some new side dishes for our Christmas dinner.
4. Apply for Q's passport and my new passport.
5. Walk to school to pick up E. 

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