Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

On Friday, I took the day off for a couple of appointments, some shopping, gift wrapping, and to finish our Christmas cards.  So much satisfaction in a stack of completed cards.

For supper we had some leftover chicken and roasted squash and brussels sprouts.  Dave and I watched some of Die Hard (apparently a Christmas movie) and then went to bed somewhat early. 

The next morning, I decided not to go to the gym but to sleep in instead.  We had a simple breakfast and watched some TV.  This little monkey was sniffing around for some more breakfast, so E shared his bagel.

Me using my camera to see what he was up to behind me #lazy

Q had a little nap and then we jumped in the car to head downtown to pick up my mom.  First stop though was a quick car wash.  Here is E using the scrubber brush.

While we waited for her flight, E and I walked around Ireland Park.

After we picked up my mom we had lunch at Aroma and picked up a couple of things MEC.  THen back home to relax before my office Christmas party.

Supper time

A new reindeer pillow from Simons.

Dressed up for the party

We were feeling pretty good on Sunday morning (although my already sore back was not feeling good after dancing in heels the night before).  Dave went for a run and the rest of us went to church.  We accomplished a lot in the afternoon - clean sheets on the bed, bird feeder in the back yard, bread pudding, supper, and more.

Doing his best Jamie Oliver impression while enjoying the pudding.  Mmm. 

We tidied up, got the kids bathed and into bed, and then finished our evening like a usual Sunday night - SNL and The Walking Dead. 

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