Friday, October 26, 2018

Disney Part 3

Onto our last two days!  We went to Hollywood Studios on our third park day.  We knew E wanted to do the Jedi training so he and Dave went to the front of the gates on their own so they could sprint over to sign up as soon as they could.  Mom, Q, and I took our time and lined up with everyone else. 

Another beautiful hot day! 

First stop was Toy Story Land!  We love Toy Story and these are the movies that both kids have actually watched.

Dave and E got in line for Slinky Dog while we tried out the Alien ride.

The details here are just great.

I had done parent swap but E wanted to do the alien ride with Dave and we didn't have time for him to do Slinky again so I went by myself. 

After that I ran back to catch them on the ride.

We had Fast Passes for Star Tours that we were able to squeeze in before Jedi training.

This was definitely a highlight for E.

They were taught the sequence of moves by the Jedi trainers.

And then they had to use those moves on Darth Vader or Kylo Ren.

Such a cool thing to do.  E got to pick out a light sabre at the gift shop after he and Dave did Star Tours again.

Not sure what this face is all about, but you get the idea, I swear he liked sitting on the land speeder.

After the Star Wars stuff we went over to the Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster to use our Fast Passes.  This is a cool coaster and goes very fast in the dark. 

While Q and I waited for Mom, Dave and E to do the second round on the coaster (with parent swap), I wondered if we were going to make it!! It got so hot and Q was not a happy camper (both because he was hot and because Dave left us).  We wandered into a store and the bathroom to cool off, and then found a table to sit and eat our meal.  Just as I was doing the mobile order, the others came to meet me, so good timing.  We got Mexican bowls for our lunch and they were really good. 

After lunch we went to see the Indian Jones show.  Dave remembers this as a highlight from when he visited in high school, and it was still as entertaining.  E loved it and Q managed to remain happy for the entire show.  These are popular movies in our house and now we will have to show them to E.  It was nice to sit and relax in the shade for a little bit too.  

Then it was onto Tower of Terror as our last ride of the day.

Note E in the bottom right corner covering his ear.  Dave is trying to tell him it's almost over.  Needless to say, he did not want to go on it again so just Mom and I went on the parent swap pass.

As we walked down the street, we noticed the Storm Troopers were coming.  I think Q is saying "Uh oh!"

We grabbed some frozen margaritas for Mom and I, a beer for Dave, and a frozen lemonade for E and headed for home.  However they won't you let out of the park with alcoholic drinks so we had to do some shopping while we finished them.  We left with a Woody and a Buzz Lightyear.  Well played Disney.

Back to the pool when we got back to the hotel, but Q couldn't make it and had to go back to the room for a pre-dinner nap.  The rest of us enjoyed cooling off though.  We ate at the hotel cafeteria again.  Mom ordered éttoufée from the lobby bar and the kids had pizza.  

We got some yummy desserts too - Mickey praline, mini King Cake (both of these are New Orleans treats), and I can not resist a holiday themed sprinkle cookie.

Dave took Q back to the room to go to bed, and Mom, E and I went to the bonfire.

Spanish moss in the trees.

The path to the neighbouring resort, Riverside. 

We also stopped by the arcade for E to play a few games (and I managed to get in a turn at pinball).

I dropped Mom and E back at the room and then Dave and I went to the bar to get our own dinner and enjoy a Kentucky Mule.

Wednesday was our last day.  We had planned our first four days at each of the Disney parks and decided to use our 5th day for the park we liked the best.  Since we picked Magic Kingdom, we knew we had to stay for the fireworks again, so we ate breakfast at the hotel, and then spent the morning at the pool, planning to get to the park for around noon.

One of the reasons for going back to Magic Kingdom was for E to play the Sorcerer game again so the first stop was to pick up more cards and make sure his Magic Band was registered. 

Our first ride was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  We had missed this on our first day so we were able to get a Fast Pass this time. 
Look at that intense shooting!

Another classic ride, the Tea Cups (Q says no pictures!).

E also wanted to go back to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.  We did this on our first day and they will put the camera on people in the audience throughout the show.  E was picked on our first day to be one of the monsters, so he loved that, and I'm sure this was why he wanted to go back to this show.  In our second viewing on this day, they put the camera on Dave and he had to get up and dance.  What are the chances?  But it solidified E's love for this ride. 

After we did that we went over to Liberty Street to start the Sorcerer game.   Here are some photos  of E looking at various mirrors.

The afternoon parade happened by while we were trying to cool off near the air conditioning so we got to watch that.  It was good, lots of familiar characters.  

After the parade we went over to get a small snack and drink before going to a different land for more Sorcerer. 

Finding a shady spot for Q to play with his dinosaurs (I told you they were a good idea!).

Then we hopped on the train that encircles the park. 

We had reservations at Tony's Town Square Restaurant, an Italian place.   The food was very good and so was the service, but Q was not in a good mood so we couldn't stay for too long. 

While I took Q outside I realized that people were already starting to get settled in for the fireworks, so I set off to get a spot.  On our first day we hung out near the back of the crowd so we could easily leave, but we missed out on seeing a lot of the castle so this time we wanted to get much closer.  

Q played with the Winnie the Pooh we had bought that day and treated him like a baby, putting a diaper on his, giving him a soother and a drink of water.  He did this over and over again. 

Mom and I waited in our spot while Dave and E did some more sorcerer cards.  

When they got back, E and I hopped over to the Buzz Lightyear ride to use our last Fast Passes.

We got back in plenty of time to see the show.  The images on the castle are so captivating, I sometimes forgot to watch the fireworks. 

Although we were up near the castle, it was very easy to get out of the park afterwards and to the busses.  Disney opens up a pathway behind the buildings on Main Street so we just walked out that way. 

Buzz was waiting in our window of our room when we got home.

The next morning we ate our breakfast at the hotel and then waited for the Disney Express to take us back to the airport.  Bye for now Disney!

Back home, playing with their new Disney toys.

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me through these three days of posts.  You can read about Part 1 here and Part 2 here, and my random thoughts about the Disney experience here.


  1. Thanks for this record of our trip. It was truly a magical time to be there with all of you! I loved every minute!

  2. We have always brought my mother in law with us on vacation (especially to Disney) and it's been a lifesaver for us to have that third adult with 3 kids and she has loved making all those memories with us. Your trip re-cap has brought back lots of memories from when my kids were little.