Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Weekend Recap

We got back from our trip on Thursday but on Friday we didn't make E go to school.  Instead I took him to work with me for a couple of hours.  My firm sponsored the Mississauga Fire Fighters Pink Truck Campaign this year and they stopped by our office for a photo op.  I thought it would be fun for him to come to see that.  Since he was the only kid, he got a private tour of the truck, and he was only a little shy at the beginning. 

In the afternoon we did a bunch of errands and then worked on some of the homework he was supposed to do while we were on holiday (as if we were going to fit in any homework while at Disney!).  
That night I met my friends Kate, Cindy, and Cindy's mom for dinner at the Keg.  I haven't been there for awhile and really enjoyed my meal.  I got the wedge salad instead of the caesar salad this time and it was so refreshing and delicious.  The prime rib was delicious as usual and I even got a mini crème brûlée for dessert.  So nice to enjoy a relaxing meal!

We forgot to get a group shot, but here is Kate and me on the way home.

On Saturday morning we did some yard work and then walked up the street to get a few things.  Q loves to be outside!

E's last day as a six year old!  We watched the first half of Avatar.  We loved the ride and Pandora at Animal Kingdom so we wanted to show E the movie.  

We were up early on Sunday morning to send Dave's dad out for his half marathon!   Dave drove him down to the start line and then we all went down to see him finish.  It was a chilly morning!

And it was also E's birthday!  He picked out his danish at the bakery the day before and of course we needed his favourite fruit, mango, for his special birthday breakfast.

Heading to the finish line to see Papa.  Hats and mitts for everyone. 

Here he comes!  He had a great pace throughout the whole race and finished with a time of 1:50!! Not bad for a 69 year old anyone!

There is a playground right beside City Hall that I had never seen before so we popped in there while we waited for Cliff to grab his snacks.

When we got home we had some brunch and this mean mama made the birthday boy do his homework.  But it wasn't that bad actually and he finished a lot sooner than I thought he would.

After homework we went out to do a few errands and when Q woke up we opened gifts.

Best gift ever.

E went right down to start building.

And we started putting together our pizzas.

Pierogi pizza in the front, Hawaiian, and the regular meat, mushrooms, and green pepper in the back.

Silliness on the couch while watching Paw Patrol

Cake time!  We got an ice cream cake from Ice Cream Junction.

(I'm not sure why he ended up without a shirt!)

An early bed time for everyone, although the adults finished watching Avatar first (the second half not as appropriate for a kid so E didn't need to watch the rest). 

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