Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Weekend Recap

I love a long weekend!! And this time we didn't have any plans to travel anywhere so all three days were spent at home.  Friday night was pretty simple, we ate a lasagna from the freezer, then I did some work at the table while E worked on his homework.  Then we watched part of Infinity Wars before E went to bed. It's funny that he really enjoys those types of movies but thinks Harry Potter is too scary.

On Saturday morning I got up early for a workout class and when I got home we walked up the street to pick up the ingredients for our Thanksgiving meal.

In the afternoon, E and I did some more work, and then we just hung out around the house for the rest of the day.   Mini pizzas on English muffins for supper.

And this vegan caesar salad (which I then added grilled chicken to because we're not vegan).  It was so yummy and healthier than a traditional caesar.

Finished off Infinity War and then watched some Ozark.

On Sunday morning we were off early to church.  E was singing in the junior choir and with the Sunday school so they had a practice before the service. 
Missing a couple of people, but they sang well.  "God is so good"

We hurried home from church so we could get Q down for a quick nap and then pack up the bikes.  We have wanted to go to the Toronto Islands all summer but never got around to it.  So instead we drove down with the bikes and hopped on the ferry.  This was really a better time to visit anyway, way less crowds and very comfortable temperatures (although a little chilly with the wind!). 

This big red bucket and shovel is an art installation by the Ward's Island Ferry Terminal.  WE hung out here while we waited for our ride back to the city.

Our bike trip around the islands.

And then we rode over to the Amsterdam Brewery for supper.  We love the bike lanes along Queen's Quay, we feel very confident with E riding his bike there with us. 

Q scooping up some guacamole like a pro.

We were all pretty tired when we got home but we managed to squeeze in Solo before we all went to bed at 10:00 (Q of course was in bed as soon as we got home).

On Monday we were eating our Thanksgiving dinner so most of my day was spent prepping food.  Two pies, some turkey and sides.  My mom flew in early afternoon to eat with us and then spend a few days before we head to Florida.

Fresh herbs for the butter that goes under the turkey skin.  The sage is from the store, but the others are from our herb garden.

Lots of vegetables.

Then we went to the playground after supper.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. Look at that healthy meal! Well done! What a fun weekend!

  2. So grateful to be with you all for such a lovely Thanksgiving harvest feast and fun time! 🍁😋❤️

  3. great pics love the one with 2 little ones making pizzas .hey Sarah ,thanks for the nice card it was so nice to have all the family in mira for the summer .