Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How We Wednesday

Today we are writing about how we meal plan and share recipes.

I feel like I spend most of my time planning and prepping food and some times it can be exhausting, but we like to eat good and healthy meals so to me it is time well spent.  

My tips for meal planning include:

1. Create a list somewhere central that will make is easy to see what you're eating and so it is always in your mind about what is coming up next.  We use a Chalkboard Wall but maybe you prefer a paper or electronic planner.  

2. Think about nights you need a quick supper, like if the kids have a lesson or if you're at an event.  Choose meals for that night that can be made ahead or quickly assembled.  

3.  Pick meals that are family favourites but also try new things.  Not all of them will be winners but it keeps things interesting. 

4.  Plan it out a couple of days ahead so you can make a grocery list.  We like to order our groceries online when possible so I make the shopping list while I'm doing the meal plan. 

5.  If you have an ingredient that you need to buy a lot of, like cilantro or kale, choose two or three recipes that will use up that item.

6. Prep what you can ahead of time, in the evenings and on weekends: cut up vegetables, poach or grill chicken, make a soup or casserole, make meatballs or chicken nuggets that can be frozen, etc. 

7. Remember that leftovers can be used for lunches for you and your kids.

8.  Don't forget to include ordering out or going to a restaurant, that's part of the meal plan too.

9.  Get everyone involved.  Depending on how old your kids are, they can start prepping dinner and/or cleaning up.  I started making supper when I was in Grade 8.  If grocery shopping is not your strong suit, engage your spouse or do online grocery orders that either of you could pick up.  

10. Get started and see what happens. We definitely have less waste and happier people when we meal plan. 

For sharing recipes, I pin a few things on my Pinterest boards, but also just send links to people by email when asked for a recipe.  For things I really like, I will share the recipe in a post. Here are just a few I've shared over the years. 

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