Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favourites

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I realize that I usually do 5 favourite things (Five Friday Favourites, I guess I like the alliteration), but today I am going to forego the numbering and just write about my favourite things of this week, regardless of whether they fit into my predetermined number of five. 

This week I found some earrings that were in my drawer downstairs that I had actually forgotten about.  One pair is from Stella and Dot and one is from Kate Spade.  When you "lose" jewellery and then find them again, it's like getting new things - my favourite!

Birthdays are my favourite, and this week we celebrated E's 4th birthday.  Dave was away on his actual birthday so I only gave E some of his gifts (with the rest being distributed when Dave returned), but we did have some yummy cupcakes from Bake Sale.  For breakfast we had oatmeal with berries, almonds, coconut and chocolate chips (special but still healthy), and for supper we had Mexi Mac and Cheese, a favourite of E's.

Lately E has been watching Daniel Tiger on Netflix.  This is a spinoff from Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood from my childhood, but it is animated.  I like shows that have some sort of "lesson" and this show always has a little song that goes along with the lesson that day. It is really cute and I love the throwback to the characters I remember.  Definitely recommended quality programming.

Canada elected a new Prime Minister this week (Justin Trudeau of the Liberals), and although I actually did not vote for him (or for the person representing his party in my riding, because that's how it works here), I am really excited about him.  I can relate to him more than any person who has run our country before.  His father was also the Prime Minister when I was born. I have great hopes for him and what he intends to do.  Sure, he won't be perfect, but he seems like a genuine person, which is leaps and bounds ahead of our former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.   Also, Justin has inspired the term and hashtag "#PMILF".  If you know what a MILF is and realize that PM is prime minister, I think you can put that together and figure out what PMILF means.  I'm not exactly sure if I agree, but I suppose if you consider the rest of the world leaders, then sure, why not, eh?!

Brooding Justin

I'm not sure if it was all of the icing from the aforementioned cupcakes, but whatever it was, E was sick overnight after his birthday.  So much so, that I decided to keep him home from school the next day.  He bounced back midway through the day the next day, so no real worries, but it was nice to have the day of rest.  The very day after I was up the night before cleaning puke out of sheets and a rug, and then holding a bucket for E throughout the night, I read this post from Erika about kids and being a mom.  It was very timely because despite being up during the night, I wouldn't have changed anything, I was happy to look after him.

My new favourite place to buy Halloween costumes is Spirit Halloween, the pop up costume store.  I was trying to locate a Rubble (from Paw Patrol) costume and had no luck anywhere else.  Going to other places totally had me discouraged about Halloween, but then I went to Spirit and felt better.  They actually had Rubble costumes, and even though they were sold out I was able to piece together a pretty good costume from random bits and pieces.  Maybe someday I'll be better prepared for Halloween.

Ears and tail, construction hat, yellow shirt, and face paint

Happy Friday all!  

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  1. Glad your halloween costume got pieced together!!! And hope you have a wonderful party this weekend!!! Love finding new jewelry!!!