Thursday, October 1, 2015


Since July 3 I have run every other day.  They aren't long runs, about 5 to 7 kilometres, but I'm out there and getting some exercise and fresh air.  After I graduated from law school I visited Toronto for a few days.  I remember seeing people running and rollerblading down by the lake and I wanted to be one of those people.  I didn't know I was going to be moving to Toronto at that time, but when we did get here, we embraced outdoor exercising, particularly along the lake.  Whenever I am out running or biking, I think to myself (and sometimes say to Dave out loud), "Hey, we're doing it, we're those people that are outside doing things".  

Setting a goal to run every other day really helped me.  I knew it was unrealistic to say I would run everyday but knowing that the next day was coming up meant I could plan.  For the most part I set my alarm early (5:45) and ran for 30 to 40 minutes in the morning before work.  Sometimes if a morning run wasn't possible, I would go after supper.  I saw many beautiful sunrises.  I saw one coyote, one skunk, and a few raccoons.  It only rained one time when I went for a run, so we obviously had a pretty great summer.

Once I started with this pattern I knew I couldn't give up. I ran even when we went camping and when we were visiting other people.  Running is great because it takes very little gear and you can go for a quick run or a long run depending on the time you have.  I made time for running throughout the summer and I was really happy about it.  

I am going to take a break from running while we are away (although I will bring my sneakers and try to get some exercise) and then when we get back, it will be even darker in the mornings and it will be getting colder.  I would like to keep up my routine of exercising every other day no matter what. Somedays that will be a run, other days it may be a work out in the basement.  

A lot of those mornings it was super humid so I'm come back a hot mess.

Getting ready for a night run with my new orange top and white sneakers.

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  1. That is great, Sarah! It sounds like outdoor running and exercising has become a habit for you. And being outdoors is a healthy choice! Keep it up!