Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is favourite recipes.  If you follow along here regularly, you know that I love food and I love to cook.  If you look at the web version of this blog, you can select the Food or Recipe label and see a few things I've posted about.  You'll see the Food label is large as it is a frequent topic. 

This pasta is one of my favourites.  It has unfortunately ruined me for carbonara at a restaurant, because I think this one is so much better with the sausage and pancetta.  

I blogged here about my favourite summer meals that I've found on Pinterest.  These are all still accurate, and we just made the Greek chicken and cucumber salad.  It is yummy every time.  We don't bother making the chicken into skewers; just cut the chicken breasts into a couple of pieces and grill them like that.   

I did a winter version of go to Pinterest meals here

This tomato and mozzarella on crostini is one of my favourite appetizers to throw together, it is a crowd pleaser.

I also love making this meal for a weekday supper or for guests.  I mean, I never would have thought to put these things together, but they are so good - cajun chicken, bacon, okra, feta, sweet potato, corn, and tomatoes.  We also cook our chicken like this all of the time just to add to a salad.

We make this granola often and we have some in our cupboard right now.  We cook it longer than the recipe calls for, and this time Dave just turned the oven off and left it in there for an hour or so,  and it is nice and crispy.

So many good meals but these are some of my favourites.  Even better if I can get some help in kitchen from E, or if I'm cooking for guests.

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