Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

We finished our week off with a morning trip to High Park for the splash pad and playground.   Q had fun on the playground and then in the (cold) wading pool.  E ran around the splash pad with new buddies.  

After the splash pad we stopped in at the liquor store and grocery store for a couple of things and then home for lunch.  E watched some shows while I tidied up the house and made a dessert.   Then we hung out on the back patio.

We had some friends over for dinner, and it was so easy since we just ordered take out from Annie's Cuisine (Jane and Annette).  It's Jamaican food so we got jerk chicken for the adults, fried chicken for the kids, both served with rice and beans, and some patties.  Everything was so tasty, and we had lots leftover.  I would definitely recommend ordering from this place, you can get take out or delivery with UberEats.   Although we had to move inside because of some rain, but was had a good night. 

On Saturday we did a few things around the house in the morning and then we all went to a birthday party for one of E's friends.  He is also a neighbour so we stayed at the party to hang out with the parents.   It was at the Baby Point Club and the them was Ninja Turtles!  Fun was had by all. 

Before supper we decided to go swimming at the Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool.  It was our first family swim of the season. 

Wiped from the swim ;)

We got home, had supper (jerk chicken leftovers!), and then Dave and E went to play tennis.  I sat out back after Q went to bed for a few minutes. 

On Sunday, Dave went for a run but the rest of us had a lazy day.  We watched the Tour de France and then went to Home Depot to pick up some materials for a light sabre (foam pipe insulation, coloured duct tape). After lunch Dave did some stuff outside, I tidied the house, Q napped, and E played downstairs.  Our neighbours came over for a couple of minutes so I could give them some baby clothes and our bassinet.  

We walked up to the Swan for supper and sat on the patio.  

Bath time, light sabre construction for E, and then bed.

Busy week ahead, E has camp, Q has daycare on a couple of days, and we need to pack for our trip East.  

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