Thursday, December 19, 2019

Christmas Concerts

Last Friday our church held a concert featuring student musicians and choir.  E has been a participant in years' past but not this year.  My mom, and he and I went anyway and enjoyed some beautiful music.  There was a Nutcracker theme so E brought this one from our tree.

Then on Sunday it was the annual Christmas pageant.  Last year Q didn't want to wear a costume, this year he did put it on.

How sweet!

E was one of the wise men.

Coming up the aisle with the other wise men to see the baby Jesus.

When it came time for Q's participation, he was not interested in going up on the stage.  So he and I hung out at the side (in the transcept), check him out, he's standing on my lap and hollering at "Nana", "Papa", "Grandma", and "Dad".

The nativity at the front of the church.  

Then on Tuesday night we went to E's school concert.  

His class did three songs and then he sang five songs with the choir - they did a great job. I am unsure if this is his last school concert or not.  The classes stop participating after grade 3 but E said there were some grade 4 students in the choir so if wants to do that next year, we may be back.  And then if somehow takes up an instrument before grade 7 then he would be in the senior concert.  Rest assured, we will be back more concerts anyway since Q will be in JK next year. 


  1. What a delight for me to share the Christmas music and pageant with you and E and Q. It is nice that E enjoys singing at school, too. Too bad they don't have a choir all through the grades.

  2. I love Q's "participation" in the nativity!!! Rachel was a very serious sheep at our church and I laughed so hard!!!