Monday, December 2, 2019

Busy Weekend and Christmas Cards

Our weekend was jam packed with Christmas fun, tidying the house, and a winter storm.  Needless to say I am tired and therefore I'm reposting a post about why I send Christmas cards.  I was thinking of these reasons on Sunday morning when I started writing out my cards.  Sometimes I wonder why I send as many as I do, since we don't get as many back as we send, but that doesn't really matter.

So here is what I wrote about last year.  The original post is here,

The other day I was sitting in the kitchen at work and mentioned something about taking our family photo for our Christmas card, and someone asked me why I send cards. It had never occurred to me to not send cards, but then I thought about my reasons why.

It is a nice way to keep in touch.  There are many people on our list that we only connect with around Christmastime with a card.  With Facebook, etc. I sometimes feel pressured to keep up with everyone all of the time, but that is simply impossible.  Sending a card lets the person know we are still thinking of them and that they are important!

It spreads Christmas cheer.  Getting a holiday card in the mail is exciting for the recipient.  We don't get a ton of personal mail anymore so it is nice to get a card. 

It puts me in the holiday spirit.  Like putting up the tree and hanging the lights outside, designing and sending our Christmas cards is another thing that is part of the holiday season.  I love a good task like stuffing the envelopes, writing the addresses, and applying the stamp, and then seeing my progress.  

I like getting cards.  So I can't expect people to keep sending me cards if I don't send any myself!

It's a record of how our family has grown. I keep a copy of each of our cards since we started doing the photo card, and even though we only have four (this year is number 5), I will love to someday have a stack of cards to look through. 

It's an excuse to take a family photo.  We take lots of photos, most of the kids, some selfies, but getting a photo for the card is a good reason to dress in coordinating outfits and all get in the photo.  


  1. For all these reasons, I do Christmas cards as well. I have cut down on the amount I send though. So expensive sometimes

  2. I agree with all of your reasons. And I still send Christmas cards as well. I waited so long to have a family that it's a tradition which still means a lot to me.