Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Weekend Recap

I capped off a busy week at work with movie night at E's school with the boys.  We got there in lots of time to find a seat (it got way more crowded than these pictures show), set out our shark sleeping bags, and had some pizza.  We sat with some neighbours and friends for some extra fun. Q likes being part of the public school crowd too, and next year he'll be a student here!  The movie was The Secret Life of Pets 2.  

Straight to bed when we got home, and then Dave and I finally got into The Crown.   z

We were up pretty bright and early to go and pick out our Christmas tree.  We have always gone to Plant World on Eglinton but it closed this past year and we needed a new spot.  We picked Sheridan Nurseries on Burnhamthorpe and they had a great selection of trees.  Q did not want to go but he warmed up the idea when we got there. 
Snuggling with the polar bear.

Candy canes of course

Sheridan did not have a good selection of wreaths though, so we popped into a florist on Bloor and got this pretty one instead.

I took Q to Sportball while Dave and E cleaned up the leaves in the yard.  I also went to Bulk Barn, the LCBO, and Hot Oven Bakery.  We got the tree inside and set up, and then I tidied the house to prepare it for decorations.  There are always just a few toys laying around. 

I did leave some time in my day to go for a run.  I knew I couldn't go to either of the weekend workout classes but I still wanted to get moving.  Plus I ran down Bloor so on the way home I could do a couple of errands.  Always multi-tasking. 

Then I picked up our grocery order and came home to get dressed for a party.  

Our sitter came over and we headed out to Burlington to our friends' gorgeous home.  Yes, that's an ice sculpture. 

So pretty!

They also had an airbrush tattoo artist so I got a couple.  Q liked the eagle I picked for my forearm. 

The winter weather started early on Sunday morning.  I was up early with Q and then started on my Christmas cards.  We put on a Christmas movie for a bit and then I asked if anyone wanted to come to church with me and they all said no.  I didn't make them go since the weather wasn't great.  I did enjoy the service though - the grade 8 and 9 students were being confirmed and we had communion and a guest oboist.  I picked up some Swiss Chalet for lunch on my way home.  We cleaned the house and got the decorations out.  

Late afternoon we all went out to shovel.  The snow was heavy! But we were glad to get it done before the temperatures dropped and it got icy.

E's friend came over and they went down the street to ambush some neighbours with snowballs.  When they got back we had dinner, Dave and I put the lights on the tree, I showered a screaming Q, and then I went to yoga. Candlelight yoga with guided meditation at the end was just what I needed to end that crazy weekend and prep for a busy week ahead. 


  1. You made me laugh....screaming Q in the shower and then...candlelight yoga! It sounds like perfect way to mellow out after that busy weekend!

  2. I love the idea of candlelight yoga. It sounds heavenly. And our "snow" on Sunday was mostly ice pellets so it felt like shoveling, and walking on, sand. Ugh.