Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

We took the day off on Friday to take the kids to a special event at Yorkdale Mall - Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.  It was basically an exhibit set up to be like a "training facility" to help the Avengers save the world (*eyeroll*, but the kids love it), with displays and some interactive games and photo ops.  We had tickets for this for December as a little treat since we were going to miss out on other Christmas events but then of course we went into lockdown at the end of November and we didn't get to go.  We finally rescheduled for last week and we were given two free tickets so we brought two friends with us, also big Avenger fans.  This was my first time inside a mall in a long time, it was busy but not too bad.

Let's do this!

Superhero pose

The exhibit was a timed entry so it wasn't too crowded and if you kept moving along then it was fine, it took about an hour to go through it all.  All of the movie posters at the front. 

First up was the Ironman room. 

Then Bruce Banner's lab.

Captain America's shield.

And motorbike.  It looked like they were supposed to have a fan hooked up in front of the bike so it could feel like you're riding it, but of course Covid protocols put the ix-nay on that. 

My favourite one, Black Panther - Wakanda Forever!

Trying to pull out Thor's hammer.

W acted as Q's chair.

Then we grabbed some lunch at the food court before we headed home. 

And a few bonus pictures from the rest of the weekend.  Q carrying E's baseball bag after his game on Saturday morning.  They did not pose for this, glad I caught it!

On Saturday afternoon E was at a birthday party and Dave was golfing so I took Q on a paddleboard ride at the lake.  We parked at the South Kingsway boat launch and went out the Humber River into the lake, east along the shore to the Sunnyside Pavilion and back.  It was slightly choppy out there so I paddled from my knees around the mouth of the river so I wouldn't fall off, but it was a pretty good time other than that. 

Fun to be out on the water!

Summer in the city, nothing better!

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  1. I know of some people from here who went to the Avengers thing. If we were into Marvel movies, and knew who any of the characters were, this would be so fun!