Thursday, August 26, 2021

Monthly Musings


As some context I have two boys, one is going into Senior Kindergarten and one is going into Grade 5.  They attend public school and are registered in French Immersion. 

1. Do you meal plan and prep? Any favourite back to school recipes to share?
Yes, meal planning and food prep is in my wheelhouse.  We always have this mac and cheese for supper on the first day of school.

2. How do you buy and organize school supplies?
Our school doesn't require the students to bring school supplies other than backpacks and lunch boxes.  I do still send a pencil case with some coloured pencils or markers.  School supplies were always a big deal for me growing up, so I can't resist sending something with them.  We try to use their backpacks for more than one year but if we need a new one, we order them online from Herschel. Lunchboxes come for the local stationary/toy story or Wal-Mart.

3. Any back to school traditions?
We always take photos in front of the chalk board and on the front steps.  And we walk to school on the first day.

4. Bring lunch? Buy lunch? Favourite lunchbox item?
The kids bring a packed lunch.  In non-Covid years there have been options for a hot meal on Fridays and pizza every other Wednesday.  Hopefully we can get these options back this year for a bit more variety.  Honestly the favourite lunchbox item is leftover pizza, but a bagel with butter is more common.

5. Favourite thing about back to school, then and now?
When I was a kid I loved having the fresh start to the year with new school supplies and new clothes.  The fall air was fresh and crisp and it felt good to get back into a routine.  Now, I love that my kids have new experiences each year, they get to have their own stories to tell us and it's fun to see what they get up to.

6. Pumpkin or hate?
I will probably have one pumpkin spice latte per year, I'll make one or two pumpkin loafs, and I like pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but I'm not seeking it out in any other format.

7. Do you decorate for fall?
Yes, we have a few different fall items and some things for Halloween, but we aren't the house that goes all out.

8. How do you transition your wardrobe to fall?
Cardigans and scarves that I can take on and off throughout the day since September and October can still be warm. I also like a good casual sneaker to take the place of my sandals.

9. Favouite fall fashion staples?
Trench coat - both a long beige one and a short red one, and Hunter Boots.

10. When does school start where you live?
The first day of school this year falls on Thursday, September 9.  This is pretty common for us, although we usually start on the Tuesday.  This year it was pushed out a bit for some extra back to school prep for teachers and the Jewish holidays.

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  1. I LOVE that your school board pushed back the start to recognize the Jewish holidays. No such luck for us so we're having to make some decisions around that. Also, in my pumpkin spice answer I totally forgot to say that I bake pumpkin muffins. I just don't get the PS coffee, cereal, soap, etc. And now I want to invest in a trench coat! Hahaha!!!

  2. You are so lucky that your schools don't require supplies- it is so expensive here! Glad they pushed off the start of school a little for you too! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Thank you for linking up with us. Hunter boots are always a Good call.


  4. Ooh! Scarves; I forgot about those. I love a good scarf in the fall. When my kids were in elementary school the supply list was so long that we sent in one bag each day for the first week!