Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Weekend Recap

I know that we always say this but the summer is going to be over before we know it, we are into August already. 

On Friday night we had dinner at the golf club.  It was so lovely to be out on the patio, perfect weather.

Q had some ice cream for dessert and clearly enjoyed it!

We walked over to the practice area after eating and the boys chipped.

And hit a few at the range.

On Saturday morning Dave got ready for the golf club championship weekend.  He laid out his kit like the pros do.  He had fun playing the two days but didn't make the cut to be able to play the third day.  It was a great way to meet more people at the club and of course enjoy some patio time as well. 

Meanwhile we took E to his first baseball game of the season (they had a late start and then we have been away).

Such a nice morning to be out.  This field has two playgrounds nearby which Q visited but he also just played with some toys and stayed occupied.

E's cheering section.

On deck.

He had three base hits (and then got home on each round) and one strike out.  For now they have one of the coaches pitch to the kids which works pretty well.

We went home for lunch and then walked up the street to get a few things for supper.  I let the boys pick out a drink on the way home and E picked this one, and he is a true fan of marketing (like me) so he felt he needed to change the label when he got home.

We were having steak for dinner, along with some corn and this pretty salad.  A fresh Ontario field tomato and basil from our plant.

I love fried onions and mushrooms with my steak.

That evening we watched Jungle Cruise, it was cute, we love The Rock and Emily Blunt. 

On Sunday morning we had a slow start to the day, first we watched the 100m men semi final and final to see Andre de Grasse win his bronze, and then we tuned into the F1 race, which was very entertaining!  We had a bite to eat for lunch and then went out to play mini-golf.  It was slightly colder than normal so Q dressed in a toque and gloves.  

He kept it on for the entire round but at the end he was sweaty. 

Then we parked down by the Humber Bay Shores area and walked along the lake.

And then grabbed an early dinner at the Firkin pub there.

Q took this so I will excuse the angle

When we got home, we watched The Mitchells vs. the Machines because my mom hadn't seen it before.  

Monday was a holiday, I got up for a run and then we watched the Olympics for a bit before heading out to High Park for the afternoon.  
First stop was the splash pad

Then a walk through the labyrinth.

And then the castle playground, and then a hike through the woods back to our car.  
E had baseball practice on Monday night and then we finished our night with even more Olympics. I love a long weekend in the City, even though we didn't leave the west end. 

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