Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Favourites

 We had more visitors again this week - Dave's sister flew in from British Columbia and his parents came up to get her.  They also took E and Q with them for a visit.  On Monday night we had dinner at the golf club, so lovely to be on the patio.

Q is wearing a bowtie #hefancy

Dave golfed on Tuesday and Wednesday late afternoons, so I was home alone (!) which meant I didn't really need to make supper so I picked up noodles and dumplings just for me (from Noodle Me) on Tuesday and a slice of pizza on Wednesday.  Then I caught up on This Is Us, I had about 8 episodes to watch and loved it all.  Uncle Nicky and Beth's mom (played by the formidable Phylicia Rashad) are great additions to the cast.  

Dave made me a smoothie bowl on Thursday and I topped it with a few things.  It was a perfect breakfast after my morning run,

We went out to eat at Bar Neon last night.  They had Happy Hour buck a shuck oysters so we got some of those and then some dips and pita, feta fries, and calamari.  It was all very good. 

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