Thursday, July 21, 2022

Day in the Life

I thought it was time for a Day in the Life post, summer edition so I documented my day yesterday.  Interestingly the last time I did one of these posts, we didn't have any water and that was also the case yesterday! This time though it was a planned outage so we could get prepared.

I set my alarm for 6:30 but didn't remember I was supposed to be taking photos until a few minutes into getting ready for the day.  My reminder was set due to the aforementioned water outage.

I went downstairs and Q was right behind me.

Then I filled up the bathtub for extra water, although we didn't really need it.

Then I took the garbage bins out. See the big hole at the end of our driveway, hence the water being shut off for the day.

I made a shake and sat down to get some work done before I had to drive Q to his camp.

Ready for a day of fun!  He's at the Boulevard Club this week. 

Then I popped over to Costco to get gas and fill up our propane tank for the BBQ.  I was first in line as they opened at 9:00.

Sadly on my way into the house my coffee spilled all over the inside of my purse.  I had put my travel mug in my purse since I was a carrying the propane tank but the lid wasn't on all the way!  Annoying, but no harm done.

Then I got to work.  This is me on a call with our executives talking about revisions to the authority matrix.

After I was done that call, E and I went out to get some groceries but since we also needed lunch we decided to get some pizza and sit outside to eat it.  The pizza was delicious!

Then E went to the Bulk Barn while I went to No Frills and we met back at the car.  I had a call when we got home to talk about a new agreement with our client's lawyer.  Then I poured the leftover cold coffee into the mug and added some sugar syrup and milk. I saw the kitchen was slightly in disarray but I left it for the moment.

The workers enjoyed our lawn for their break. 

We picked up Q at camp and then stopped into the Annette Farmer's Market.  We ran into some of Q's friends.

Corn, peaches, strawberries, raspberries. Plus noodles and momos (Tibetan dumplings), cookies, brownies, and Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese buns).

I did a quick 30 minute strength workout in the basement.

Then came up to share the noodles and dumplings with E for supper while Q had some of our leftover pizza from lunch (and if you're wondering where Dave is, you should know by now he's at the golf course!).
I didn't realize I would be so sweaty after my workout, but I was and needed a shower.  I decided to do my hair mask and face scrub, two things I only do every week or so, not every time I have a shower.

When I came back down, the kids were (play) fighting and this is E coming over to ask me what the rules are for fighting, like can he dodge a kick even if means Q will fall over since he will have missed. 

Then we went to a neighbour's house for a drink and the kids played.  It was kind of a late night for a Wednesday, but it's summertime! Anything goes!

Then we got the kids into bed and we watched a show.  

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  1. Sounds like a great week except for the water being shut off!! I had a laugh about E asking what the rules were for fighting his brother!