Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Weekend Recap

July is just flying by, isn't it!?  

On Friday afternoon, I kicked off my weekend with the fabulous Lizzo ride on Spotify.  Lizzo herself was there riding along with us, so fun!! 

I picked up Q from camp and when we stopped to pick up a few things, he asked for some watermelon so I obliged.

We had some fresh corn for supper and then got to bed fairly early. 

On Saturday we went to pick up E from camp.  We were excited to see him and hear all of his stories.

We didn't want to drive up and back in the same day so we booked a hotel in Midland and spent the day in the area.  First we went go-karting and played mini-golf. 

Then we went to Balm Beach for the rest of the day.  Aside from it being nearly impossible to find a place to park when we got there, it was a great spot.  The water was warm and the kids had lots of fun in the sand.  We got our take out lunch and ice cream cones to eat on the beach. 

It's always hard to leave the beach, but we eventually dragged ourselves away because we had dinner reservations in Midland at The Boathouse Eatery.  It was a busy spot so it was great we made reservations!

Then we swam at the hotel when we got back and watched a movie on TV before going to sleep before 10:00.  

We had breakfast at the hotel and then drove home.  We got the car unpacked, did the laundry, washed the car, did some yard work, and watched the golf.  

The boys did a lemonade stand with the neighbours again. 

After supper we gathered to watch The Amazing Race Canada.  Nice to have E home with us!


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  1. What a wonderful week! Everything from Lizzie, to golf and go karts, to the beach and more!! From Lauren, not anonymous 😉