Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Let's Look - How I Stay Healthy

Today for Let's Look we are talking about how we stay healthy.  This presumes that one is healthy to start with, but I suppose I would consider myself a fairly healthy person and I know I am very lucky for that.

Exercise is part of my regular routine, even on holidays.  I try to do Peloton rides and strength workouts several times a week, run every so often, bike to work once a week in summer, and ski in the winter.  I walk or bike to do errands when I have the time. It is rare that I don't close my activity rings on my Apple Watch.  

I drink water throughout the day, but I don't measure it out, it's just a habit now.

We eat fairly well - we don't eat out or order too much and we don't eat a lot of prepackaged food. Most of our meals are made from scratch, lean protein, and lots of vegetables.  Not all of our meals are perfectly balanced, but I think we do okay. 

I take Iron, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D on a daily basis. 

I always wear sunscreen and try not to spend time out in the direct sunlight too much.

When I feel myself getting a cold I will make myself a hot toddy, drink some cough medicine, and try to get to bed early.  I also use the Saje Immune stick in the wintertime which I think of as my "magic potion" to ward off colds. 

I go to the doctor when I feel I need to get things checked out - I recently had a mammogram, colonoscopy, and skin check.  I can be a bit of a hypochondriac but I don't overdo it on the doctor visits or anything, just get the things checked that I really need to do.  

I get all of the vaccines offered to me - flu shots every year, and I've got my three COVID doses, and will get the fourth one when available.  We did get COVID in March but it was pretty mild.

I am not someone with a lot of anxiety so it's very easy for me to not let stuff bother me for too long. I have my own methods for working through stressful times and just get on with it.  

There are some areas where I can improve - I need to do better at taking my iron pills as well as seeking our more sources of iron, I could eat smaller portions of food, and could drink less alcohol.  But for those last two, food and drink are things that give me joy which is another part of being healthy!

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  1. While I feel like I'm healthy in general, my metabolism is so bad, if I eat badly for a day I gain like 3 pounds! And then it's impossible to go back. So frustrating!

  2. I should remember to take my vitamins. Especially vitamin D and magnesium for leg cramps which I tend to get. I buy them and they sit in the cupboard. Before I know it they are past their used by date.

    1. The only reason I remember is because I have them on my desk at work so I see them when I'm sitting there. So I guess "daily" is a misnomer because I don't take them on the weekends!

  3. Your food pictures look wonderful! I love how active you are— it’s so good for you in a variety of ways!