Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Weekend Recap

 For Q's lunch on Friday I slipped in a piece of strawberry pie.  I said, "Who else gets strawberry pie in their lunch?!" and Q says "No one!!" It was a little messed up by the time he ate it, but he said it was good. 

After camp and work we went to one of Q's friend's houses for pizza, and the kids got to play on the bouncy castle.

Playing hard!

We slept in slightly on Saturday morning and then watched the F1 sprint race.  Then Dave went golfing and Q and I went for a paddle board on the Humber River.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot and only a little breezy.   We were doing well and then decided to go into the marsh part.  We hit a sunken log and we fell in the water!! It wasn't so bad, Q was a little shocked, but he wasn't really scared and got right back up on the board.  

Back on dry land and deflating the board. 

Since we had fallen in, we went right home to shower and wash our clothes.  Then we went to the grocery store and picked up stuff to make our own ice cream sandwiches.

After some quiet time (screen time), we got dressed up and met Dave at the club for supper on the patio. 

Q did some putting when I went to get the car. 

On Sunday we watched the race in the morning.  It was such a good race and good to see Haas with some points!!

Then I went out to Mississauga to meet up with Sarita!! We have never met in person but we have been catching up with each other on our blogs for years.  And then in a complete blogger fail, we both forgot to get a photo of us!! But it did happen, and I even met her daughters :)  We conveniently met at the mall so I did a bit of shopping after lunch and got some new sheets for the boys' beds at Simons. 

Meanwhile Dave and Q went to High Park to swim and play at the playground. 

I also picked up a badminton set while I was out so we played that when I got home.   We also needed a little lie down.

Supper outside!

We missed E but we know he's having fun at camp!

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