Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favourites

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Our favourite day of the week was Halloween of course!  Q and I went up to E's school for their parade, it was a lovely sunny and warm day.  He was Flash/Captain America - Flash body with Captain America accessories. It was fun to see all of the costumes - a lot of Star Wars and Superheroes, but some other costumes too.  One girl in E's class was Medusa, and E's teacher was one of those tall balloon man thingys that blow around by the side of the road.  And one of the JK teachers was the Record from Size Small (throwing it way back!), Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about, I didn't get a picture. 

Setting out our pumpkins when he got home from school

Ready to head out.  Dave and my dad walked around with him and I stayed home to give out the candy.  We had 40 kids, which is about what we had last year.  We definitely buy too much candy even when I give out several pieces to each kid.

This is Q's Halloween style

But we did get him in on the action to recreate E's Halloween pose.

E at 10 days old

Q's new favourite thing is this red guy, as yet unnamed.  Like Cuddly Pal before him, I wanted to get Q something he could snuggle with.  I bought him an elephant from Pottery Barn Kids, but this red bunny, who was a gift from our friends, has been his go to, partly because it was downstairs and the elephant is in his crib (and he doesn't sleep in his crib yet).  Q likes to hold onto it when he is trying to settle down and when he's napping. 

We never know what to do with all of E's artwork, and our fridge isn't magnetic so it can't go there.  I finally bought some wire and some small clothes pins (from Michael's) and we hooked this up by his craft table.  It will have a rotating set of pieces, right now it has his Star Wars crafts from his party, his Thanksgiving card and the CN Tower he made with cotton balls on the blue paper (I think this craft was supposed to be "what do you see in the sky" and then use the cotton balls to be clouds, but our city boy sees the CN Tower when he looks at the sky, so this is what we got!).

Yesterday I shared this recipe for breakfast cookies.  They are yummy!

One more weekend until we can officially start celebrating Christmas (I like to wait until after Remembrance Day) and then, bring it on!!

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  1. Those pictures from Halloween are so sweet :) Baby Q is so cute!