Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend!!  We really packed in the activities.  On Friday however, Q and I had a little nap.  He had been napping in his crib but then woke up so I moved him over to our bed while I read a book.  

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early to make our way to Plant World to pick out our Christmas tree.

This was the extent of Q's participation.

Picking a good one!

Then a tour around their Christmas displays.  I always like to get something, so this year it was a gold metal tree (not this wooden reindeer).

I think E is old enough to have his own tree in his room this year!  This is the one we picked for him

After we got home, E and I went to Sportball.  It was "bring your parent" day so I participated with him and we learned football.  We are excited!!

Dave had the Christmas lights out when we got home so E jumped onto the ladder to help out. 

In the afternoon we went to a funeral for a little baby.  It was a sad service as you can imagine. We told his parents we wouldn't forget him so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it here so I will remember this was the weekend we celebrated his short life. 

I hugged my baby close when we got home (I am not crying in this photo, although that's sort of what it looks like and you may think so given the events of the afternoon). 

On Sunday morning, I slept in for a little bit and then it was up and off to church for the first Sunday of Advent, Hope.  After the service, E put his "wings" on and flew to the car. 

After lunch, and some cleaning up, we suited up, got a coffee and rode the subway downtown to do a little holiday exploring.  We stopped at City Hall, the Eaton Centre, the windows at Saks/The Bay (new this year!), and Yonge-Dundas Square.  We took lots of fun pictures!

We're downtown! (Cue all of the songs about being downtown)

The beautiful tree at the Eaton Centre, the pictures do not do it justice. 

Outside to see the windows. 

Then guess who we ran into?!?

The polar bears at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Then we walked over to our friend's condo. We have been friends since we were four and she recently moved to Toronto.  We had a nice visit and delicious meal

E has made himself at home with his snack of grapes.

I took this to send my mom when I was there, I guess I should have checked the background, oops, open dishwasher!

Thanks for making it to the end of this massive post!

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