Friday, November 18, 2016


Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites.

When I was growing up I always got a package of chicken bones in my stocking, Dave's mom likes them too.  I saw this article the other day about this uniquely Canadian Christmas treat.

I think I can easily say that Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney animated movie.  I watched it so many times, I can pretty much recite the entire movie.  I am so excited for the new version coming out in the new year and starting Emma Watson.  What I like is that it looks like they took the cartoon and just made it with real people without changing too much, at least that's what I hope they did.

The Crown on Netflix is my new favourite!! I love everything about it, brilliant!

Raking leaves is a big job at our house.  I did a bunch on my own, and then Dave and E joined me this week.   I just bundle Q up and put him on the porch where he can supervise/sleep.

In the wake of the election, with multiple stories of hate being perpetrated across the US and Canada, this story was a refreshing tale of kindness among people of all backgrounds here in Toronto.

You can read about our trip to Halifax here.  It was full of favourite things - family, food and lots of love. 

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  1. Raking the leaves is such a workout. Heard the crown is a bit like downton abbey. If so, I am in!!

  2. I was wondering about The Crown. I will have to check it out. Q looks pretty cozy outside supervising your raking of leaves!