Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

On Thursday morning of last week we headed to the airport for our flight to Halifax.  My cousin Emma was getting married on Saturday and we were glad that we could go down for the wedding.  Q is six weeks old now and I am pretty much fully recovered from my c-section, so it was good timing for us to travel.  We decided to stay at a hotel right downtown, the Courtyard Marriott, and rented a car so we could get around on our own.  It all worked out really well and we got to enjoy a lot of Halifax on this visit.  

E was not happy with me since I made him stay with me instead of accompanying Dave to the washroom

Enjoying the view and some snacks before our flight

After landing in Halifax and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we checked into our hotel.  We were on the 8th floor and the terrace on that floor had these lovely views. 

Georges Island

Keith's Brewery

That evening we went over to my aunt and uncle's house and had dinner with them and my mom and the bride-to-be.  Then it was early to bed for all of us back at our hotel room.   On Friday morning, Dave did some work at the hotel, and E and I went to Cabin Coffee across the street for some breakfast.  It was very cozy there and E even did some building with the Lincoln Log set.  

Being Remembrance Day, we went over to Grand Parade for the ceremony.  It was really nice being there with my family, I attended a few of these ceremonies when I was at university.  The weather was quite lovely and we enjoyed it. 

If you can make out the soldiers in the brown uniforms in the middle, they are wearing what a World War I solider would have worn, and the streets of Halifax would have been full of men dressed like this during the war years as it was the departure point for many ships heading off to war.   

After the ceremony (complete with Abide with Me, fly over by helicopters, and the release of white doves) we went down to Salty's for lunch with my mom.

We walked along the waterfront to our hotel after lunch

Some Remembrance Day displays on the docks, including this mock gangplank to a ship, as this would have been "The Last Steps" on Canadian soil for many people going to war. 

Playing at the playground

On Friday night we had dinner with the families of the bride and groom and the wedding party.  It was nice to meet everyone before the wedding.  On Saturday morning we had an easy morning, had breakfast at the hotel, and then went for a walk to Spring Garden Road.  We stopped into the Halifax Public Library and happened upon a puppet show of Rumpelstilskin which E enjoyed.

The Public Gardens were closed but we stopped for a photo by the gates

Then we walked back to the hotel, left E with his Nana and Papa, and Dave and I (and Q!) went to the oyster bar across from the hotel, Shuck Raw Bar before the wedding. 

A few photos of the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds

The reception was at McKelvies, my uncle's restaurant, and we had a delicious meal with family, followed by a dance with lots of friends.  It was nice to visit with everyone and it was a great party!!

Dave and my mom

The wedding party (minus one groomsmen)

Katzie, Robert, Lucy and Sean 

Emma and me

Robert and Mom

Aside from being awake for about 45 minutes, Q slept the night away even with the loud music.  
(E was back at the hotel with a sitter)

On Sunday morning we went to The Wired Monk for some coffee and breakfast, and then walked along the waterfront back to our hotel.  

He asked for this photo to be taken

Can you spot E?  He's "hiding"

After that we went to my aunt and uncle's to see everyone before we left, and to have something to eat, and then we went to the airport to go home.

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  1. What a fun weekend with your family! And with a six week old-- you rock, lady!!