Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long Weekend Recap

On Friday, E didn't have school, but he went to the YMCA for the morning.  I picked him up at lunch and we went to Mad Mexican for some quesadillas and nachos.  At our parent teacher interview with E's teacher in the morning we talked about his need for improvement with his listening, so at lunch I brought a notebook and we drew a person who is doing all the right things for listening (ears open, eyes looking at the speaker, mouth closed, etc.). Then we drew someone who wasn't listening and his mouth was open, see below. 

After lunch we went to the grocery store and then home.  They had finished tiling our fireplace (for the second time, long story) so the house was a mess.  Q slept, E watched the iPad, and I cleaned the floors. For supper we made nacho burgers.  Patties made with some Mexican spices, and then topped with fresh salsa, cheese and nacho chips.

We went skiing on Saturday morning.  Every time we drive past this barn and field, I think how pretty it is, so this time I tried snapping a photo from the moving car and it turned out pretty well.  

I caught E on his way to the big hill with his class 

I was such a beautiful day.  I put Q in the carrier and we walked around.  I sat down at the fire pit over by the tube park; it was lovely but I could have used a marshmallow and hot dog.

We decided not to stick around for skiing in the afternoon.  The hill was really busy with the long weekend skiers, and the temperature were in the teens so the snow wasn't the best.  Instead we grabbed lunch at the lodge, and went home.  We sat around for a little bit when we got home and then hopped on the subway to High Park for a muddy walk. 

Undercover on the subway.  Madam...

Following the stream of melting snow down the hill.  It was inevitable that E would be soaked but we should have put the pant legs over the boots, that would have helped a bit.  

Then we went home, got warmed up and ordered some Thai food for supper.  Q is really getting the idea of his exersaucer and he did a few rounds in that before he went to bed.  It was hard to get a photo where he isn't moving too much. 

After supper we watched the NBA All-Star weekend competitions.  We always think it will be better than it is; my favourite part is actually just the announcers talking over each other and making jokes.  On Sunday morning, Q got up at 6:00 and after eating didn't want to go back to bed, so I got up with him.  We made a cake and watched part of The Princess Bride before anyone else got up. 

After church and lunch, we went for a little walk around our neighbourhood and stopped at the playground.  It was a lovely warm day with no clouds in the sky.

That is E and Dave coming up the street

We went to our friends' house for supper.  They made garlic fingers and homemade donair sauce and it was so yummy!  The rest of the meal was great too, but the garlic fingers were a real treat. 

On Monday, I slept in a bit, and then woke up to a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Dave went for a run and I took the boys with me to the gym.  After lunch, we took E's new t-ball set to the park for spring training.  We are going to try and sign E up for t-ball this summer and I think he will like it. 

When E climbs this part of the jungle gym, I have to look away or I have a heart attack; it is so high and I can only picture bad things happening

E was filthy when we got home

Mud, blood and snot

While E had an early bath, Q hung out in the sunshine, and I made coffee and had a piece of cake.

After supper, we watched some shows we had recorded.  Long weekend over. 


  1. Looks like Spring! Lovely photo of the farm!

  2. I'm usually tired after a long weekend! Yours looks busy but filled with family fun!