Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekend Recap

A little late, but here is our weekend recap.  We enjoyed some snow on Friday, and Q and I stayed cozy inside.  

Since it was expected to warm up on Saturday, Dave didn't think he needed to do a lot of shovelling on Friday evening but E had different ideas.  As soon as he got home from school, he wanted to head out to shovel. Working hard.

Meanwhile, I was making supper, one of my favourite meals, complete with a bottle of chianti from Christmas.  Note the rolled up napkin, containing our silverware.  I asked E to set the table and he rolled everyone's napkins up, just like we had at our resort. 

We went skiing as usual on Saturday morning.  It was my turn to ski in the morning, and I had the chairlift all to myself before I caught up with our friends.  I was brave enough to do a chairlift selfie. 

Beautiful snow conditions

After lunch, Dave went out with E and I stayed with Q.

Oh hey guys!

Dave's photo of the kiddos on the hill

We had big plans for church on Sunday, although not much else, but when we woke up to a snowfall, we decided to stay home instead.  We watched a couple of movies, and then Dave and E went out to shovel.  Our neighbour called E down to play with her kids and then we didn't see him for the rest of the day.  He played outside and then went in to watch a movie and have some snacks.  
The snow looked like it was from a Christmas card.

When E finally got home, we made some cookies and then I made him sit down to work on his Valentine's cards for his class.  It was a less painful process than last year, but only slightly. 

After supper (pizza delivery), Q and I hung out on the floor while Dave and E played NBA Jam and Grand Theft Auto on PS4 (maybe not the most kid friendly game, but when you concentrate on the driving, rather than the hookers, fighting, and guns, it's not too bad).

Brotherly love.

I went to bed at the same time as E on Sunday night and it was glorious.  

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