Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day

We don't go overboard on Valentine's Day but I still like to do little things to make the day special.  I set up a few treats for us in the morning
Red Hot Wheels truck and new shirt for E, some red beers for Dave, a new pink workout top for me(!), and some candy for all of us.

Dave had also picked up some yummy cupcakes from Bake Sale

Q's shirt says "Hug me", and his socks are red

For breakfast we had a healthy and quick breakfast with a holiday theme.  Oatmeal with cherries (the juice made it all pink), coconut, almonds and almond milk.

(without the milk)

I snapped this picture on our way out the door

After I dropped E at school, I did a few errands and look who I ran into on his way back from his run!!

We were away last week and I didn't get any Valentine's decorations out, but luckily the grandparents sent a few cards so we have a somewhat festive mantle. 

Dave and I went out for lunch as our Valentine's date at the Drake.  We both had french onion soup, and Dave had the brisket reuben sandwich and I had the eggplant parmesan sandwich.  So delicious!

We had a light dinner, spinach salad, so we could enjoy these yummy desserts.  I borrowed the recipe but instead of raspberries, I used cherry pie filling so they were sort of like black forest cake trifles.  They were very good. 

After the boys were in bed, we cracked open this bottle of wine and watched a bit of the Raptor game and then some other shows we had recorded. 

And just to keep it real, we just sat down with our wine and E calls from upstairs.  He had gone to sleep in our room and when he tried to open the curtains to look outside, he pulled them off the wall.   He shouldn't be pulling on them in the first place but since they were screwed into the old plaster and lath, it wasn't that secure.  So we put him back to bed in his room, and Dave re-installed the curtains and I helped and swept up the floor.  Good times :)


  1. That is a pretty fantastic Valentine's Day! Wow! Full of love, sweet treats, special moments and family fun!

  2. Good times indeed! Good that you guys were able to sneak off to a quick lunch.