Thursday, June 11, 2020

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was on Tuesday and I had a great day.  I did not think it would be a Covid Birthday but there wasn't much I missed out on.

I did get to sleep in a little bit, but Q came in when he got up to see me and wanted me to take a photo of us.

Dave made us French toast for breakfast.

And I got these lovely flowers and homemade card.

At lunch we played outside, a bonus of being at home during the day.

Dave worked on his stone wall for a bit.

I treated myself to a cold beverage in the afternoon while I worked outside.  We've been doing delivery orders from Collective Arts and this gin cocktail is so refreshing.  There is no sugar in it so it's easy to drink and enjoy.

My request for supper was homemade nachos with fresh salsa and guacamole from The Mad Mexican.  We ate outside and it was so delicious.  The kids even enjoyed the spicy toppings.

Then cake time with my favourite white cake from Bake Sale. 

I did a workout outside after supper (and before my own piece of cake). This picture is actually from Monday night's workout, but Tuesday's set up was the same.  

After my workout and shower, Dave and I enjoyed another drink with some episodes of Truth Be Told on Apple TV.

And of course I enjoyed several well wishes throughout the day via text, social media, and FaceTime.  It is so nice to hear from everyone!

What a lovely day!

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