Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Weekend Update

Friday morning started out pretty well.  I was enjoying my breakfast outside when I heard Dave calling me from inside.  Q had taken the laptop upstairs and then dropped it on his foot and he was bleeding.  It must have hurt a lot as it took him awhile to calm down and then he needed to watch Paw Patrol in his bed and wouldn't let me leave for awhile. 

Then my workday was interrupted by a software update and then my keyboard stopped working so  I was limited in what I could do.  I did take a walk up the street to get a few things for supper.  Meanwhile Dave made some yummy cinnamon buns. 

We got the pool out for the afternoon and the kids played in it and we at our pizza supper outside.

End of Week 14, we're still smiling.

On Saturday morning we got ready to go for a hike. Dave picked Limestone Conservation Area and it was a great choice!  Really cool hiking trails, caves, and some old kiln ruins to see. 

We ate our leftover pizza in the parking lot before heading home.

After a little break, I cut Dave's hair and E's hair (2nd Covid haircuts!), and then it was pool time again. 

We had some grilled shrimp and vegetables for supper.  When I went upstairs to put Q to bed, I came across this mess.  He wanted to read behind the bookshelf, but I convinced him to get into his comfortable bed.

Meanwhile E skunked Dave at crib.

E's friend came over and we played Catan Junior. 

On Father's Day the next morning, we went for a bike ride on the West Toronto Rail Path to get some beer at Henderson and some food from The Drake Commissary.

The boys brought their masks on but didn't go inside.

We took our food to High Park and had a picnic. 

When we walked over to the pond, a man was there feeding the ducks.  He was a volunteer at the High Park zoo and had lots to tell us.  Some wood ducks came over to eat the peanuts and seeds he had.  And he showed us where the turtles usually hang out. We didn't see them but will check next time. It was a neat visit. 

(Henderson's) Best Dad Ever!

Steak, sweet potatoes, and kale salad for supper, with tarts for dessert. 

We watched Spiderman: Far From Home and went to bed!

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  1. That was a fun weekend! It is nice to see what adventures you have as a family! Still smiling!....love it!