Monday, June 8, 2020

Birthday Request

It is my birthday tomorrow but instead of making this about me I want to ask and encourage you to make a donation that supports black and indigenous causes.

I was going to set up a Facebook fundraiser but I read a bit more about that and it could result in fees being deducted by Facebook, and I didn't want that. Plus then you can choose another charity that means something to you if you'd prefer.

The one I am going to donate to is Foodshare TO.  Eating and cooking are my favourite things so I  liked this one because it helps to reduce food insecurity.  I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, or if I can get to a store to pick up healthy food, or whether my kids are hungry at school.  I know that many in my city do worry about those things. Click over to their website and see all of the things they do.

Another Toronto charity I recently donated to is Sanctuary Toronto.  Homelessness disproportionately affects black and indigenous people. And now with Covid and precarious housing for many people, this community is in need of help. 

If you aren't local, then I urge you to support food banks and shelters in your own hometown.  Your donation will help those who have been traditionally underserved in our communities, particularly, black and indigenous people.

And on a more fun note, you could also celebrate my birthday by ordering food from a black owned business in your area. We ordered some jerk chicken and patties from Annie's on the weekend.  I wish I'd been eating on the beach in Jamaica with a Red Stripe instead of at my counter at home, but it was still delicious!!

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  1. These are great suggestions! God love you! I will do that locally. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday, Sarah! Grace and peace! 💗