Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday Favourites

Whew, Friday!

First of all, for those of you following the Alex Murdaugh case, which I dove into head first this week as the trial was wrapping up, how shocked were you that the jury deliberated for only 3 hours?!!  Anything that quick was bound to be a guilty verdict, and even though I am convinced he is guilty, I was still not expecting it to come so quickly (or at all even). I read a tweet where someone said they were on a jury once and as soon as they went to deliberate, they all took an anonymous poll and they all said guilty but then they sat there for another few hours in silence before telling the bailiff they were ready with their verdict.  So I wonder if that is sort of what happened here.  I retweeted this on Thursday after closing arguments wrapped up:

After watching a bit of the trial, I was reminded of watching the OJ Simpson trial (who incidentally made an interesting appearance on Twitter yesterday "weighing in" on whether Alex Murdaugh was guilty or not, what a world we live in...) and how much I loved Matlock and Perry Mason. Although I will never practice criminal law, I find it so interesting!

I stopped in at Winners this week to browse and had to buy these cute little things for Easter.  I never seem to find clothes at Winners, but their home decor stuff is adorable (and I did get some nylons at a decent price, so that was good).

And three small things that made me happy this week - fish sticks, grocery bins, and cough syrup.  

Having eaten fish sticks all the time growing up, I realized the boys had never had them and with Dave being out on Tuesday I thought I would buy them for our dinner.  They were exactly how I remembered them, and the kids ate them right up.

Pre-COVID when we did grocery pick up at Loblaws, we were able to exchange green bins instead of getting everything put in bags.  Then of course they stopped that practice because germs, although COVID is airborne, remember this is when some of us were washing our groceries.  I asked a few times if they were going to bring the bin exchange back and finally it's back!  I hate getting all those plastic bags so I'm glad we won't need to do that anymore. 

We have had shortages of kids and adult cough medicine for months, but this week I was able to buy a bottle of each.  I have had a cough and scratchy throat so I've been using the adult one, and it's nice to have a children's one on the shelf for future use. 

We are getting a big snowstorm tonight so we are heading up north early so we will be ready for ski club championship and banquet for Saturday morning. 

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  1. My kids have never had fish sticks either! I remember eating them fairly often as a kid. Those are some cute Easter finds.

  2. We often eat fish sticks, especially in fish tacos. And I love your new Easter stuff.

  3. That was a fast guilty verdict! I love the Easter decor you bought, such cute designs. I sometimes had fish sticks or fish fingers as we call them when I was growing up. But I didn't really love them so I don't think that I ever made them for my boys. Ha, now I'm craving them but I'm probably really just craving childhood memories.

  4. All I wanted to do last Friday night was binge the Murdaugh Netflix doc...but then my power went out. Maybe this weekend? So crazy on the fast verdict...but I guess maybe not. I love your Easter finds.