Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Favourites


Grocery shopping is usually my department but this week Dave went and he came back with a lot of things that we don't typically buy. I had to laugh. 

The new Dog Man book came out on Tuesday. Our local bookshop advertised it as "Dog Man Day" and said to stop by after school to pick up a copy.  E went there on his own after his piano lesson and bought the book. 

I love putting together what is in the fridge to create a fun lunch.  This week I cooked a sweet potato in the microwave and then topped it with chick peas, arugula, salsa, plain yogurt, jalapeño, and hot sauce.  It was so tasty, and healthy!

It's been awhile since I got a Personal Best on Peloton, so much that I thought maybe Dave had recorded a ride on my account and skewed my numbers.  I did achieve a PB on a 15 minute ride the week.  Now most of the time I'm doing a 15 minute ride, it's when I'm tired or have already done a hard weights workout and I just want to move my legs, so this one was a little more challenging and it was easy enough to get the PB.

I was very proud of E this week.  We were talking about Easter and I asked if the kids wanted to make the Resurrection Rolls as we often do, and E said "of course, and I was just talking about this at school.  We were learning about Ramadan and then the teacher asked what holidays we celebrate. So I raised my hand and said 'Easter' and told them about Jesus not being in the tomb, etc. and told them about the resurrection rolls".  You wonder if your kids are picking the stuff up that you're trying to teach them about, and this was a nice reminder that they are.  I was telling him just the other day that the most important part about Easter wasn't the Easter Bunny or baskets of chocolate, but that Christ is Risen! He gets it.

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  1. I had to laugh at Dave's contribution to the grocery shopping because that's exactly what my husband does on the rare occasion he shops. That's so great that E knows and understands what Easter is all about. Well done on your Peloton PB!

  2. That's what it often looks like when my husband goes shopping too! We often grocery shop together and I am able to hold him back but on his own he tends to buy all the sweets.